Readability & user testing

MediLingua is one of the few companies to offer Readability testing and User testing services.

A Readability test is required by National or European regulatory authorities for new or significantly amended Patient Information Leaflets. In preparation for such a test, we make sure that the leaflet is in line with the latest version of the QRD templates and that it follows MedDRA and EDQM terminology. We then perform the test, following the Readability Guideline (EC, 2009), and our test report with the statement of approval supports a smooth registration procedure.

User tests - for example of instructions for use of medical equipment, can be very useful & can save unexpected costs once to market.
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Need a Proposal?

For us to prepare a proposal for a Readability Test - complete with cost estimate and timelines, all we really need is the final version of the text of the Patient Information Leaflet. 
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